Motivate Android App

Motivate app


A personal project called "Motivate" to help users get motivated.


Android mobile phone


Solo UX Designer


Personal Project

Why Motivate?

Achieving a goal takes time and discipline. The common problem with achieving a goal is being unable to make the right choices on a daily basis that would help you achieve your goal.

The motivate app helps you achieve your goals through a daily visualization exercise to increase your focus and achieve your goals. This app uses a similar method to the 10 minute toughness exercise. The motivate app focuses on two features: goal tracking and a visualization, or meditation exercise.

Whiteboard 1 Whiteboard 2


We brainstormed and whiteboarded our ideas on how we wanted our app to track goals and do the visualization method. In the end, we figured we wanted to attach tasks and achievements to goals, as well as notes to give the user freedom to track their goals the way they would want.

Motivate Flow 1 Motivate Flow 2

User Flows

To better understand how users would go about our app, we created user flows on how to track goals and use the visualization exercise.

Motivate Wireframes

Sketching Wireframes

After we went through user flows, we began sketching wireframes to see how the layout would work with the features.

Motivate Prototype


We used our paper sketches and turned them into a prototype, using the POP app.

Motivate Branding


The app was originally called Focus, but after some ideation andbrainstorming, we ended up calling the app 'Motivate'.

Motivate Mockups


After choosing our logo and colors,, I did high-fidelity wireframes to see how they would work within the app.