Meetup App Redesign

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Meetup App Redesign


Android mobile phone


Solo UX Designer

I redesigned the Meetup app on android, and applied material design concepts to it. This was just for practice, I am no way affiliated with Meetup.

Home Screen

I altered the top bar, moved the menu to a left drawer, and included search as a universal tool instead of per tab. I also styled the card with more of a material design.

Meetup Screenshot Calender


For the calender, I changed the style of the events to a simple list, instead of a card/list. I also moved the dropdown to what events they are showing to the top for prominence.

Meetup Screenshot My Groups

My Groups

In the same fashion, I also changed the dropdown and moved it to the top, as well as changed the groups from square cards to vertical cards for better viewing and scrolling. I also changed the start a meetup action to the action button.